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Kingdom Hearts - The Eighth Doctor HD Remix by Jemibunny Kingdom Hearts - The Eighth Doctor HD Remix by Jemibunny
Eighth Doctor Kingdom Hearts Crossover folder

Back from my hiatus only because the printer/scanner seems to still let me scan things, if I'm lucky. So I've still possibly got a scanner at home until it's replaced, and knowing what things are like around here that could take MONTHS.

Complete 100% remake of Kingdom Hearts IV - The Eighth Doctor (2006) which I did around this time in 2006, probably late June, before my birthday. Same pose and expression, same colour scheme, same everything. Even though giving him a gold suit to go with the blue coat is pretty tempting... I swear in some scenes, under some forms of lighting (mainly in the hospital or during the day) the Eighth Doctor's waistcoat, cravat and trousers look silvery grey just like the action figure. It's just EXTERMELY reflective material, it reflects any yellow light really easy. So everybody things he wears a gold suit. The silver suit definitely goes better with the green coat, and the yellow/gold/brown suit definitely goes better with the blue one. But I can't remember why I drew it like this in the first place, or what my reference was... I must have had the big 40 Years in the TARDIS book as a reference though... maybe he was in the TARDIS.

He has a belt and a strap now, because how does he keep that Keyblade strapped to his back? And the belt to try and make him fit in with Kingdom Hearts a little better, not that he needs an awful lot. I probably didn't know in 2006 that it was Sora's Keyblade, so it would only work for Sora. Maybe he's taking it back to him, or maybe Sora is "indisposed" like he was between the first and second games.

The original idea was the Fifth Doctor meets Sora and then sacrifices himself somehow, regenerating into Paul McGann instead of Colin Baker. But somehow that was undone later so it was as if he never regenerated. It was pretty confusing, and the Eighth Doctor in Kingdom Hearts has always just... STUCK, somehow, like the two go better with each other than any other Doctor, even now. Maybe Eight is the closest to Disney Prince of all the Doctors. David Tennant more of a Disney Princess. Maybe it's just the blue coat... but Colin Baker had one too... maybe the post-TV Movie half of the Wilderness Years is somehow nostalgic, and coincides with a lot of the Disney Renaissance movies... maybe it coincides with when Kingdom Hearts 1 came out, in 2002, so pre-Eccleston....

This is supposed to be an anime-style Eighth Doctor, or maybe a Disney/Final Fantasy style, with a big ol' anime grin. So it doesn't have to be SUPER realistic and a perfect likeness... but McGann is easily the easiest Doctor for me to draw in my style, if not the easiest human likeness. But then it gets really embarrassing later...

I thought I should try scanning this first, even though I've done a ton of other stuff since May. Especially since one of the last things I posted was to do with Fazbear's Fright, which was a prequel to the TV Movie since it was Sylvester McCoy's last adventure, his Logopolis of sorts.

The rest I'll scan when I have time and some privacy, so not straight away, I'm pretty busy these days. Or at least I should be.
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MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016
i love it
AshleyWolf259 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which 8th Doctor is it?
From what I remember off, the "War" Doctor's the 8th, it seemed. Or...
I dunno actually, you're the Doctor pro. ^^;
Jemibunny Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Student General Artist
I think you're confused, the War Doctor's a completely different incarnation, technically he's the 9th. I think some people used to think the War Doctor would turn out to be an older version of the 8th, but that theory was proven completely wrong.
AshleyWolf259 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh okay... ^^;
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